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The highly energetic final section of the work starts off with three men running, sometimes on their knees, trying to hide from their sins or from the punishment for their sins In her book Julinda Lewis-Ferguson described the piece as "raw, rough, almost unfinished, just like the buildings of the South African townships.

Alvin Ailey

In he was awarded the Kennedy Center Honors prize. Ailey also produced his own celebrated dance pieces, dealing with his memories of church services and forbidden dance halls in the all-black neighborhood of the Texas town where he spent his early years. Ailey died on December 1, at the age of Ailey is credited with popularizing modern dance and revolutionizing African-American participation in 20th century concert dance which I adore.

Still, he choreographed a number of pieces for the company during the s, and his reputation as a founding father of modern dance grew during the decade. He received the Kennedy Center Honors injust one year before his death.

For Ailey the decade culminated with the performance of Masekela Language, a dance about the need for racial equality in Alvin ailey biography essay Africa, based on the music of Hugh Masekela, a black South African trumpeter who lived in exile for speaking out against apartheid.

He also studied ballet with Karel Shook, cofounder of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and acting with legendary acting instructor Stella Adler. Alvin Ailey and Revelations. I feel as if he was an amazing American choreographer and activist. Because the era Alvin was born in was the Great Depression, the Aileys moved around often.

All together the result was the creation of his most popular and critically acclaimed work. A versatile performer, Ailey won a number of acting roles while continuing to choreograph and dance professionally. Unfortunately, Alvin also grew up during a time of racial segregation, violence and lynching against African-Americans.

Revelations has been seen in every country that the company has toured and has been universally acclaimed. Ailey also worked on projects with other artists, including one with the jazz musician Duke Ellington for the American Ballet Theater. The Company in its forty-year history has performed more than works by sixty-seven choreographers.

Horton became a mentor, teaching him how to grow artistically through technique and giving him a foundation. When no one else stepped forward, Ailey took the role of artistic director.

Alvin Ailey Essay

His energetic, diverting dances also used blues, jazz, Latin, and classical music. Ending a legendary career, Ailey died of a blood disorder called dyscrasia, on December 1, Notable early works included Blues Suite, a piece coming from blues songs. Ailey valued variety so hence he used combinations of dance techniques that were best fit for the theatrical moment.

Due to not being able to find a proper mentor who he liked Ailey began creating works of his own. This is because rumors were heard that there were well paid jobs in helping with the war effort. Unfortunately the New York modern dances in the fifties did not appeal to Ailey. I really enjoyed researching Alvin Ailey.

Ailey is credited with popularizing modern dance and revolutionizing African-American participation in 20th century concert dance. The River was based on the music of composer Duke Ellington.

Ailey began his formal dance training inspired by the performances of the Katherine Dunham Dance Company and the classes with Lester Horton that his friend, Carmen de Lavallade, urged him to take. During this time he sang in the glee club and wrote poetry.

The piece was paid homage to black women everywhere especially his mother. At age twelve, he moved to Los Angeles and, on a junior high school class trip to the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, fell in love with concert dance.

Ailey originally intended the dance to be the second part of a larger, evening-length listening of African-American music which he began with Blues Suite. Although he created some seventy-nine ballets, Ailey maintained that the Company was not a repository for his work exclusively.Alvin Ailey () founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and won international fame as both a dancer and choreographer.

During the s and s, Alvin Ailey shaped modern dance into a popular art form. The Life and Times of Alvin Ailey Essay Sample. Alvin Ailey was born on January 5, in Rogers, Texas to Lula Elizabeth Ailey. Lula was only 17. Alvin Ailey’s Embodiment of African American Culture ().

He directs the dance history and theory program at the Hollins University/American Dance Festival MFA Program. A tap dancer and theater director, for many years he organized the dance history program at the Alvin Ailey School. Biography of Alvin Ailey - Although blackness influenced much of Alvin Ailey’s work, he ultimately felt that the importance lay in the dancer rather than the race.

Ailey told the New York Times, "I am trying to show the world that we are all human beings and that color is not important. Learn more in Alvin Ailey, an essay by Thomas F.

DeFrantz. "Wade in the Water" from Revelations, choreographed by Alvin Ailey and performed in by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Ailey's signature work, set to African American spirituals, Revelations is estimated to have been viewed by more people worldwide than any.

Alvin Ailey was an accomplished dancer and choreographer whose African-American heritage influenced his works in the 20th century. His successful dance career has gained international recognition and acclaim thus rendering a significant legacy.

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