An analysis of the movie what dreams may come by vincent ward

His strategy on both occasions is the same. This is really harsh, and also entirely nonsensical. If someone you know exhibits warning signs of suicide, do not leave the person alone. For the first act of the film, we see the characters struggle with this immense loss, each handling it differently.

For that reason alone, American audiences deserve to see more of his work. Later, when Chris ventures into hell, the images are darker and more fearsome—Bosch crossed with Dali. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

For those who suffer from depression, scenes like this can come across as insensitive. Few other directors would muster the ambition to depict heaven and hell, let alone issue a compelling, original vision. Marie is a Singaporean flight attendant named Leona, while Ian is-spoiler alert-disguised as Albert.

Christopher Nielsen Cuba Gooding, Jr. It seems that Heaven and Hell could very well be a product of our fantasies or nightmares. Despair is perhaps the greatest sin, and she will wallow in her guilt throughout eternity.

The counter-example most explicitly invited by What Dreams May Come is a simple, delightful film, natural beauty that colors with actual pigment the hands that touch it, fabrics and clothing that figure prominently in the narrative.

And that just pulls us right into the moment, and works us over so much with bringing a brand new vision of the afterlife to us that we damn near forget about plot advancement. The visuals, however, are awe-inspiring, and the movie won as Oscar for visual effects.

Great special effects and set design, a very dynamic use of extreme color and lack thereof; the movie has a very powerful vision.

Starting out as an exploration of the imagination, the film ends with an eloquent statement about compassion. But the film is much more than a showcase for the latest in filmmaking technology. He has made two movies in New Zealand in the 12 years since its release, neither of which has been released in US theaters.

How do we reach someone who is in deep despair? With the entire family reunited, the happy couple decides to ditch their kids and get reincarnated back on earth. Clearly Chris has associations with that body. Chris spends the rest of the film trying to save Annie from this self-created hell.

Chris, in turn, feels an even greater sense of loss as their marriage falls apart. Albert and Leona have private Heavens, too, that are consistent with their memories.

Instead, the film explains that many of those who commit suicide end up crafting an imaginary, miserable world in the afterlife.

It Is undoubtedly one of the ingenious pieces of art that has been splashed onto screen. And when Chris dies after a terrible car accident, she commits suicide — a tortured soul who blames herself. A married couple, played by Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra, have a beautiful life together with their two children.

Other parts of this world seem cheerfully assembled from the storage rooms of images we keep in our minds: The scenes of flying people outside a Heavenly City, shipwrecks at the gates of Hell, and a surrealistic sea of faces of lost souls are arresting and thought provoking.

what dreams may come film analysis

We watch Chris learn the rules of his new home, including how he can remain connected to Annie from the afterlife. Chris is crushed by a car, sent flying through a tunnel in an explosion-just the way God intended. Their love for each other is strong and their bond is undeniable. This alone is one good reason for watching this movie — it is fresh and original.

As interesting as these visions of Heaven and Hell are, the film is best when it is addressing a different subject altogether: The film is based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, and was directed by Vincent Ward. Even in a big-budget film like this, in which so many things can go wrong, his skills as a visual stylist and storyteller overcome his weaknesses in the casting department, even if only barely.

What Dreams May Come: An Original Vision of the Afterlife, Poorly Cast But Gorgeously Rendered

Much of this movie throbs with the life of a living painting. Williams, as always, is effortlessly likable, and he and Sciorra share a natural, magical chemistry.

To move through the heavenly realm, all Chris needs to do is see those desired images. The rest of the film takes place in this unusual, surreal world. Renaissance art, the pre-Raphaelites, greeting cards, angel kitsch cherubs float past on plump clouds.Oct 02,  · Vincent Ward's "What Dreams May Come" is so breathtaking, so beautiful, so bold in its imagination, that it's a surprise at the end to find it doesn't finally deliver.

It takes us to the emotional brink but it doesn't push us over/5. What Dreams May Come Directed by Vincent Ward Starting out as an exploration of the imagination, the film ends with an eloquent statement about compassion. What Dreams May Come: An Original Vision of the Afterlife, Poorly Cast But Gorgeously Rendered By Alex Remington The greatest crime committed by the film What Dreams May Come is its excessive, nearly humorless earnest, personified by its star, Robin Williams.

Oct 12,  · What Dreams May Come A Film Review by Arnalyn Cimene Director: Vincent Ward Writer: Ronald Bass (based on the novel by Richard Matheson) Starring: Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, Cuba Gooding Jr., Max von Sydow, Rosalind Chao.

Read our review of Vincent Ward's film "What Dreams May Come," a surreal exploration of loss, grief, the afterlife and the stigma of suicide. What Dreams May Come Essay Examples. 12 total results. An Analysis of the Movie What Dreams May Come Directed by Vincent Ward.

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An analysis of the movie what dreams may come by vincent ward
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