Book character report

What valuable lesson did your character learn at the end of the book? Pretend you are a talk show host and interview the main character. Prepare a television commercial about your book. Without the additional body parts, the main Book character report of this project measures 18 inches in width and 12 inches in height.

Make edits to the report. They can create bold sub-headers for the main body of the report. Create the report in the form of a newspaper or blog review. Choose two characters from the story and write a conversation they might have. You can use this stationery set so that your students can write a letter to their main characters when they have finished their character body book report projects.

There are 10 printable worksheets and template pages in this set of teaching resources, as well as a 5 page color bulletin board display banner. Summary Summarize the plot as it relates to your character. I have only shown the first step and the last step of the directions in the sample below.

Set the words to the music of a popular song and sing it to the class. Introductory Sentence Start your book report with a sentence that states the author and title of the book and that introduces the character you chose for your analysis. I believe that the writing process is important and that teachers should use process writing whenever possible.

This free letter writing stationery set includes the following: Next, my students edit and revise their written work on their own, with a partner, or in individual writing conferences with me.

Short templates are available in lots of fun book report ideas suitable for young children. Describe why you think it remains so clear to you. Some templates may include activities to make them more interesting to students, such as having them draw out a scene from the book or re-write the ending.

The only additional material required to complete this project is construction paper. In addition, this book report project includes a letter writing activity and a matching bulletin board display banner.

This can sometimes happen when you add new content to a report. What activity would you like to do with this character if you met him or her? Inside Left Area of Shirt: Many teachers spend their valuable time cutting out large display letters or making a banner at home on their own computers.

Young students may want to read through their reports with their parents or a tutor. Write a review of the book. Interview one of the characters.

Traditionally, requiring students to write about the main characters of their books is a task that most students find quite boring. Draw a classroom mural depicting a major scene s from the book. Your book report should leave the reader with a solid understanding of your character. Write an acrostic poem about the book using the letters in the title of the book or the name of a character or author.

Summarize the book into a comic or story aimed for younger students or your classmates. Below is a sample of the assembling directions worksheets. The actual directions worksheets not shown are split up into 8 steps and there are graphical images provided for each step. I believe that it is important for students to evaluate their own work, so my book report rubric contains an assessment section for both students and teachers.

The teacher reviews the draft, makes edits, and suggestions for changing the report before final submission.

Both teachers and students may find these creative ideas more interesting than a straightforward report. Twit from the book The Twits by Roald Dahl. Create an imaginary interview with one of the characters in the book.

Classroom Activities: 25 Book Report Alternatives

Personal Reaction Give your personal reaction as the final paragraph of your report.My MAGNIFICENT Book Report I give this book _____ stars!

(color in one or more) Character Something the character said was Name of character How the character looked Something the Hchar-acte r did ow I am/ n t like th eca I would recommend this book to _____ because _____.

Writing a Book Report Book reports can take on many different forms. Three types of effective book reports are plot summaries, character analyses, and theme ultimedescente.comg a book report helps you practice giving your opinion about different aspects of a book, such as the author's use of description or dialogue.

30 Book Report Templates & Reading Worksheets

The idea is simple: get kids to read a book, and then decorate a pumpkin at home to either resemble one of the book’s characters or go with the book’s theme. The kids then get to bring their masterpieces to school and present both their pumpkins and book reports at the same time.

Understanding a character's opinions and motives can help you write a character analysis, and describe the character's personality traits, role, and significance in a work of literature.

To make this process as easy as possible, take notes as you read your story or book. Character Body Book Report - Directions Use the attached directions to assemble your book report. Character Body Book Report - Draft Copy Draft Copies are due on Monday, February 11th. This main character body book report project is designed so that each writing section is glued onto the shirt and vest area of the character's body.

The creative writing topics for this character body book report project include.

Book character report
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