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The Soviet Socialist Revolution, which took place in Russia in had influenced upon the people of Afghanistan.

The Soviet War in Afghanistan

In an unequal struggle, the mujahedeen resisted for ten years, then triumphed over Moscow. The Soviets used different tactics: According to the research, the Soviet communist system was diametrically opposed to the American democratic system Kramer, In addition to the military problems there was the diplomatic breakdown, including international criticism and condemnation and a hardening of the American position Martin et al.

There was a threat of spreading the communist regime all over the globe. More and more people were prone to support the idea of changes in the country. Conclusion The Soviet-Afghan war was one of the most horrible events of the 20th century.

This is a warrior country with people, who were suffering as much as most of humans can ever imagine Ritscher, What point of view buy essay soviet-afghan war does the painting take toward its subject? The Soviet infantry soldiers never ventured far from their vehicles.

Others consider that one of the main factors of the breakdown of the Soviet Union was not the Soviet-Afghan war, but the end of the Cold War and an economic gap between the Soviet Union and well-developed Western countries.

Nowadays, this fact has become more obvious because of the terrorist attacks that took place all over the world, especially after September 11, terrorist attack in the World Trade Center in New-York City.

Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. The Soviet- Afghan war and the further breakdown of the Soviet Union were the most important political events of the 21st century.

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They realized the power of the Afghanis, their strong Muslim traditions, love for freedom and wild temper. In the process of history, it is hard to mention the period, when Afghanistan was a free and independent country.

An Introduction how to write a research analysis essay Global Warming: War failures weakened the Soviet Union, and the Western countries took an advantage to implement their ideology in the minds of the Soviet people. During eight years, the Soviets tried to support the communist ideas and new programs in Afghanistan, but they failed.The war in Afghanistan left the country with many political, economic and ecological problems.

“More than 1 million Afghans died in the war and 5 million became refugees in neighbouring countries. In addition, 15, Soviet soldiers were killed and. From university uk largely been a blessing for character, and culture buy essay soviet afghan war touch on adverts and the beauty of the song and its meaning.

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Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. When Soviet troops seized Afghanistan on December 27,there were those who saw it as a proof that after the years of. Free Essay: Introduction The Soviet-Afghan War spanned nine years from late to early encompassing the terms of two Soviet premiers and two United.

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The Soviet- Afghan war and the further breakdown of the Soviet Union were the most important political events of the 21 st century. As mentioned before, the Soviet-Afghan war was the key factor for the breakdown, but not the only one.

Buy essay soviet-afghan war
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