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Fry J ruled that this was an easement. Jones v Pritchard [] 1 Ch — Two semi-detached houses shared chimneys. The land is specified to be the driveway, which is clear and not vague.

Question Jeremy owned the registered freehold title of Oakacre, a large house with an extensive garden. Prescription Easements can also be established through continuous use over a long period of time.

Jeremy is delighted with the new garage, but a neighbour is claiming that it prevents her from using a shortcut across his garden to get to a nearby park. There must be a dominant and a servient tenement — There must be a dominant and servient land An easement must accommodate the dominant tenement — The right must be for the genuine use and enjoyment of the land, and not purely for Easements exam revision personal benefit of the person using it.

Wheeldon v Burrows The rule outlined in Wheeldon v Burrows has the affect of changing quasi-easements into easements. If the right is granted without writing, then it is likely to operate as a license only, which can be revoked at any time.

They were required to install ventilation to the property in order to elimintate cooking smells by both public regulations and their own lease. Likewise, every man is entitled to cut down his trees if he likes, even if it leaves you without shelter from the wind or shade from the sun.

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The right to park has been recognised and validly created in the case of Hair v Gillman because the land had enough space for four cars, and only one space was used. The courts have developed a four limb test, which comes from the case of Re Ellenborough Park: There must be a dominant and servient tenement — this means there must be two pieces of land.

The version you download will have its original formatting intact and so will be much prettier to look at. The court denied an easement since the right exercised and claimed was too extensive to constitute an easement in law, as it amounted practically to a claim to the whole beneficial use of the land over which it had been exercised.

There are always at least two pieces of land involved, which must be owned by different people.

The neighbour has been using the shortcut as of right, which indicates that the right will be prescribed as an easement and the neighbour will be able to continue using the right of way.

Necessity — Will only be implied where the land cannot otherwise be used Common Intention — Implied where the intended use was the common intention of both parties.

Express Easement

For example, a farmer who owns 40 acres of land, the eastern side of which borders the best walleye lake in the state, may decide that he is ready to put the tractor out to pasture, sell his land to a developer for a hundred million dollars, and spend the rest of his days fishing.W exam revision - easements Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

An express easement created by express grant is an easement that the owner of the servient estate gives to the owner of the dominant estate.

This type of express easements is. Alex Jarvis Easements 1) Facts/issues An easement is a right attached to the land of another to either use the land in a particular manner (positive easement) or restrict the manner in which the owner of the land uses it (negative easements).

State what each party wants to do. The dominant and servient tenements must be owned by different people – This simply means that one person cannot own both pieces of land to create an easement. They may have a quasi – easement, but cannot have an easement is they own both pieces of land.

ACQUISITION OF EASEMENTS. Express acquisition: this occurs when an agreement is reached between parties and they formally enact an easement. Implied acquisition: this is when the law implies an easement Land law exam».

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Easements exam revision
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