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Thus, this practices continues though it should have been removed by now. So, we can clearly see that there is no religious backing or religious roots for this heinous crime. Sadly, this culture is prevalent in some parts of the Indian society too.

There are various misconceptions regarding the practice of honor killing. These people who kill their children for the breach of so called code of conduct of their societies are actually only concerned about their status and position in the society.

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But it has also been seen recently that even the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Tamil Nadu are not safe from this crime because 5 honor killings were reported from Delhi and in Tamil Essay about honor killings a daughter and son in law were killed due to marriage into the same gotra.

But for a number of families, their status and position in the society is so much more important than their kids that they do not mind killing them or sacrificing them just to maintain their desired status. Is this practice prevalent only in India or is it prevalent in other parts of the world also?

This tradition was first viewed in its most horrible form during the Partition of the country in between the years and when many women were forcefully killed so that family honour could be preserved. In fact, parents only desire to see their children happy and if the children are happy, the parents should let them do what they desire.

But in some of the cases the reality is totally different. Sociologists believe that the reason why honour killings continue to take place is because of the continued rigidity of the caste system.

Each and every individual has the right to live his or her own life according to their own wishes. The perceived dishonor is normally the result of one of the following behaviors, or the suspicion of such behaviors: The second misconception regarding honor killing is that it has religious roots.

We have had a tradition of honour killing. The government of India has formulated laws against honour killing but still this inhuman practice exists.

Mainly the method of honor killing is adopted when a girl goes against the wishes of her family and marries a guy who does not belong to her own community. In some of these cases, both the boy and the girl are killed either secretly by the family members and even openly claiming that the respective boy or girl have bought dishonour and disrespect to the family and to the society or community as a whole.

The first misconception about honor killing is that this is a practice that is limited to the rural areas. Such people can be termed as criminals who are far more dangerous than the terrorists.

Now as has become the norm, the son-in-law is killed as well. If an individual be it a boy or a girl feels that he or she wants to marry according to their wishes, their parents should accept the wishes. Humans do not have the right to write down death sentences of innocent fellow humans.

So what is the definition of honour killing and what leads families to commit this heinous crime so that they can protect their family honour?

Hence the fear of losing their caste status through which they gain many benefits makes them commit this heinous crime. According to them, if any daughter dares to disobey her parents on the issue of marriage and decides to marry a man of her wishes but from another gotra or outside her caste, it would bring disrepute to the family honour and hence they decide to give the ultimate sentence, that is death, to the daughter.Honor killing in India.

An honor killing or honour killing (also called a customary killing) is the murder of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators (and potentially the wider community) that the victim has brought dishonour upon the family or community.

The burning question which is examined within this essay is honor killings. The problem area is why the civilized countries such as the United States are involved in the Affairs with the countries, which have such Barbarian laws and even observe this among the immigrants, who dwell in the US.

Honor Killings For thousands of years women have been looked down upon in society and have not been treated as equals. It wasn’t very long ago that women in America weren’t allowed to have jobs or vote, men were always the leaders. Honor Killings Essay 12/2/ Middle East Honnor Killings With the large spread of Muslim honor killings occurring in multiple countries around the world, the question lies, is it morally wrong?

The rise of Muslim immigrant honor killings is raising awareness in the United States with six “honor Killings” in the past two years alone. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

honour killings: The Law it is and the Law it ought to be. Essay on Honor Killings - Honor Killings Human rights violations against women have, for too long, been denied the attention and concern of international organizations, national governments, traditional human rights groups and the press.

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