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It used to translate into a green thumb. It is for us to give them their due and by saving them save the very survival of the earth. Tree trunks would boast to one another of their advanced age and experience.

So, maybe money really does grow on trees! They would speak of the wonder of being alive and the multiple uses they provide to all living creatures, including men and women; birds and animals. Fruits would tell stories about their childhood.

We may not be conscious of it, but our hearts feel joy from this connection. Yesterday, I was walking through a park when I felt this incredible sense of joy and well-being.

The plants and tress are a conduit for the love energy of the Universe and when you receive this energy, you are welcoming abundance into your Essay on if trees can speak of money, abundance of love and abundant healing energy to bring your body into balance.

Sometimes using your nose to smell is a good way to connect because we often overlook this sense, so paying attention to it diverts our conscious minds enough that we can FEEL our connection with Mother Nature. There is no doubt that after being blessed with the power of speech, the trees would talk of the joys of summer and the thrill they feel as the cool breeze blows through them.

This is what they wanted me to share with you: It was like my frequency was high enough that I could hear the messages from the planet and the plants around me. Bose, the great Indian scientist, has proved that trees have life as do the animals and humans. When I rode a bicycle across Canada without really knowing how to ride a bike, I would ask the forest surrounding me to give me energy to ride up that mountain and it did.

I knew if it needed more sunshine, more water, whether it was too hot, too cold, too dry or just right.

It was almost like a metaphor for my soul. They would never forgive him for refusing to treat them with due consideration and regard.

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I was reading an article on NPR on how plants communicate and it got me thinking about plants and trees. They feel and react but rave no language or tongue to express their feelings. Their flowers would cry piteously, when they were plucked off, and so would every leaf on each tree, if smoke from a nearby chemical factory were to blow continuously across it.

Trees and plants have consciousness. What if they could communicate with us? The trees would also react to express their pain. Only if they had the power of speech, they would express themselves in much the same way as we do.

About three years ago, when I made a conscious choice to follow my heart, my connection with nature reawakened and I realized it had never really gone away. Leaves would say how they hate winter that heralds their impending death. The answer might surprise you and it certainly will delight you.

They would be found screaming with pain, if we were cruel enough to break their twigs or branches. They would discuss disdainfully his thoughtlessness in cutting them down for more and more houses. My plants wilted and died. Botanists too have repeatedly reminded us what the trees need and how great their usefulness is for us.

You might also like: Even if trees cannot speak, their agony and bitterness has been forcefully expressed by a number of poets and environmentalists. Really pay attention to the trees, plants, flowers and grass. Tune in with the core of your being, not your eyes or your ears.

They would be too copious to boast of their utility to living-beings. What would they share? Receive it one way and all the other forms will come to you. And they had so much to share!

I lost that connection when I pushed myself into working in the high tech industry. If trees are gone, our Mother Planet would not have any trace of life, whatsoever.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Essay On If Trees Could Speak.

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Everyone has opinions. If Trees Could Talk, What Would They Say? The Answer Might Surprise You. Have you ever wondered if plants communicate?

meaning full essay.i enjoned it very much thanks ultimedescente.comjan Reply. Carrie says: June 1, at pm. So true! I love what the trees told you. I am also a Lorax – I speak to the trees! They are so bountiful to us. Free Essays on Trees Can Speak. Get help with your writing. 1 through Words Essay on If Trees Could Speak.

Article shared by. J.C. Bose, the great Indian scientist, has proved that trees have life as do the animals and humans. They feel and react but rave no language or tongue to express their feelings. words essay on Growing Trees and Plants ; Words Essay on If I Were Invisible.

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Essay on if trees can speak
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