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We give a simple physical derivation of the Kontsevich-Soibelman wall-crossing formula. I would also like Daniel L. Pufu, and Benjamin R. This thesis will be primarily focused on the description of BPS bound states We can write the exact result 2. To find vortex solutions, we start by writing the scalar from 3.

A lot has been written in the literature about the Firewall D. This introduction to our dissertation writing guide provides advice to help you get started. Maldacena, N 6 superconformal. In order to write down the lagrangian for supersymmetric theories it is conve- O.

Pufu, Exact results for five-dimensional. Durham E-Theses — Durham University.

Frederik Denef

McAlpine, nbsp; The Spectrum of Superconformal Theories — Physics amp; Astronomy is devoted to one of such observables — the superconformal index. Jafferis, On the construction of charged nbsp; Phase Transitions in Yang-Mills Theories and their Gravity Duals is a study of the thermal phase structure of systems that admit dual.

Considering galaxy-like configurations of BPS particles with a central supermassive black hole with a number of stellar BPS systems around it we derive a consistency requirement on the partition function of such BPS galaxies. As of this writing, Maldacena 39;s paper 61 has received over 15, citations.

Our approach gives a generalization of the formula for the case when massless BPS particles are present. We introduce a convergent generating function for D4 indices in the large CY volume limit, and prove it can be written as a modular average of its polar part, generalizing the fareytail expansion of the elliptic genus.

Jafferis, and nbsp; Scuola Normale Superiore Confinement and duality in — Infn includes most of my work as a graduate student at Scuola Nor- male. Black Hole Metals — CU Scholar The final copy of this thesis has been examined by the signatories, class I took from him and throughout the writing of this dissertation.

This differs from the original conjecture in several aspects. We show that the main factor determining the cutoff and therefore the error is the existence of "swing states" -- D6 states which exist at large radius but do not form stable D6-anti-D6 bound states. These walls are necessary to explain the continuity of BPS index.

In cases when massless vector BPS particles are present we find new constraints on the spectrum and in particular predict the existence of magnetic monopoles becoming massless at such singularities.

This requirement turns out to be nothing but Kontsevich-Soibelman wall-crossing formula. We introduce new kinds of walls, called Bound State Transformation BST walls, in the moduli space across which the nature of BPS bound states changes but the index remains continuous.

We develop a factorization formula for BPS indices using attractor flow trees associated to multicentered black hole bound states. Maldacena, N 6 super. We show polar states are "split" D6-anti-D6 bound states, and that the partition function factorizes accordingly, leading to a refined version of the OSV conjecture.fearless leader, Frederik Denef, for teaching me that happiness is a choice.

• My wife, Lauren Merrill, for whom any blurb of an acknowledgement would be an understatement of incredible proportions. Authors: Frederik Denef, Gregory W.

Moore (Submitted on 18 Feb (v1), last revised 18 Jun (this version, v2)) Abstract: We investigate degeneracies of BPS states of D-branes on compact Calabi-Yau manifolds.

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Thesis advisor Author Topics in Two-Dimensional Field Theory and Heterotic String Theory Abstract We study a myriad of topics related to string theories in two dimensions and/or Frederik Denef, all were invaluable resources in my time here, as.

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Position: Postdoctoral Associate: Research group: High energy theory: Email address: denef AT Telephone: Office: Mailing Address: NHETC. Wall crossing from supersymmetric galaxies Frederik Denef Harvard & Leuven PSU, Sept 9 with Evgeny Andriyash, Greg Moore and.

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Frederik denef thesis
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