How to write a publishable article

To help organize presentation of data, first prepare tables, graphs, sketches, and photographs, and then describe them in the text. Because you are not allowed to distribute articles obtained in this way to anyone else, you must tell the author that it is for your own personal use.

Review the instructions to authors Once the appropriate journal is chosen, review the instructions to the authors of the selected journal. Up for grabs-authors are a dime a dozen: Mistakes and failures often lead to the most significant learning.

In this case, they may even recommend journals to which the author can submit for consideration for publication. If there is compelling evidence that the contributor has not participated in the review and there is a lack of intellectual ownership, they should be deleted from the author list.

An exercise in critical thinking. In general, the editors of the journals are polite in communicating the decision and act as intermediaries between authors and reviewers. Whichever journal is chosen, a poorly prepared manuscript will likely be rejected. A good rule of thumb is to focus your literature review on key terms drawn from your purpose statement.

If writing a thesis, this will be your committee. What Makes Your Article Publishable? Advice to a young scientist. From PhD Comics, http: Depending on the type of the article research versus case report versus review versus othersthe additional details required for CytoJournal include- Acknowledgement, Competing Interest Statement by all Authors, Authorship Statement by all Authors, Ethics Statement by all Authors, and any other related information.

How to write an article: Preparing a publishable manuscript!

Self-discipline and perseverance will be critical assets for execution of this important and rewarding academic exercise to disseminate scientific achievements leading to sharing of experiences and personal successes for scientific progress.

Sometimes with cut-copy-paste, you lose the flow of the paper. Most are related to clarifying the study? Faster, wider, and perennial dissemination of the publication should be the most important consideration.

Make a habit of cross-checking all the information in the Abstract to the text, tables, and figures as part of your final review before submitting your paper to the journal. A lack of serious thought to this issue may have seriously negative consequences.

One exception to this rule might be when you are submitting a paper in one subject to a journal that specializes in a different subject. Remember--your purpose statement is essential to the focus of your whole paper. Sep 24, [Last accessed on Jan 30]. Peer-review is an important component of the publication process, but varies by journal.

It is usually paired with an alternative hypothesis and the researcher tries to disprove the null hypothesis. It may seem that the design stage and not the writing stage is the proper time to match the methodology to the aims of the study; however, we all know that research does not always turn out as expected.

Being able to write concisely and exactly is a skill that is worth cultivating. When making the first draft of your Discussion section, give yourself free rein to pontificate, to overstate the significance of your work, to dream about where it may lead, etc.

Table 1 Open in a separate window This article is primarily directed towards junior scholars seeking some general guidance in writing a publishable cytopathology manuscript.

Reproducibility is the cornerstone of good science. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your paper presents worthwhile original science, clearly and concisely.

Depending on the particular journal, the title page may be submitted as part of the manuscript or as a separate file.

Writing a Publishable Journal Article: A Perspective From the Other Side of the Desk

Results Have you stated the overall answer to the purpose of the study in Results? Explain how they fit with those of other studies, extending, refuting, or confirming their findings. And at the same time, you want to get your work out there as an academic article or two or three or more.

The Results section is for communicating these findings in an easily understood manner. Successful manuscripts usually have undergone numerous revisions before submission to journals with high standards.

Unfortunately, fewer than half of all abstracts at the conference went on to become completed manuscripts. You make the major points you are trying to get across to support your argument in the topic sentence of each paragraph. Make sure you haven?How to Write a Publishable Social Scientific Research Article: Exploring Your “Process” Step 2: Write a Skeleton Outline matching the publishing venue’s expected article structure.

Once you’ve identified the sort of expertise and expectations of your reviewers, you’ll want to start to meet those expectations. How to Write Publishable Academic Articles. by Sheri_Oz. Why Write an Article?

(if you are not a researcher and not a college lecturer) I am not a researcher and I am not on any college faculty. Yet, I have published a respectable number of publications in high-quality academic journals and one book. These publications have helped me. Writing a Publishable Article Write with a Purpose in Mind and Make that Purpose Explicit It may seem obvious, but academic writers often fail to write purposefully.

It is often far from clear how various parts of the paper serve the author’s overarching purposes. Usually, an article. This web site shows how to write a publishable article by beginning with the replication of a previously published article.

Following the advice here constitutes a central assignment for my class, Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology. After fine tuning these suggestions over 20 years, I published the version as. How to Write a Good Paper for a Top International Journal Elsevier Author Workshop Hohai University, October 22, ¾Construction of an article How to write a good manuscript for an international journal.

Remainder of the article will now cover step by step hints for writing a publishable cytopathology manuscript. In general, it is similar to writing any other scientific manuscript with various stages such as brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing ultimately leading to a publishable manuscript.[ 27, 35 – 37 ].

How to write a publishable article
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