Ib biology hl2 6 1 digestion

Different methods of membrane transport are required to absorb different nutrients. The slides are formatted to be visually pleasing and to also print well for handouts or revision. Enzymes digest most macromolecules in food into monomers in the small intestine.

Enzymes digest most macromolecules in food into monomers in the small intestine. I typically have the class read relevant material book, site, etc. Break large polypeptides into smaller ones.

IB Biology

Please see the preview file first 8 slides for an idea of the aesthetic and level of detail in the presentation. Identification of tissue layers in transverse sections of the small intestine viewed with a microscope or in a micrograph. Villi increase the surface area of epithelium over which absorption is carried out.

Circular and longitudinal muscle in the wall of the gut is smooth not striated Consists of short cells, not elongated fibers Exerts continuous moderate force interspersed with short periods of vigorous contraction rather than remaining relaxed unless stimulated to contract Waves of muscle contraction peristalsis pass along the intestine.

During the class period, I use the slides to structure the discussion around the IB Bio Understandings. Production of an annotated diagram of the digestive system. The remaining class time is spent reinforcing the knowledge or working on activities, written test practice, or nature of science.

Increased surface area for action of exopeptidases. The pancreas secretes enzymes into the lumen of the small intestine. Use of dialysis tubing to model absorption of digested food in the intestine.

Hydrolyze bonds in polypeptide chains. Epithelium that covers villi must form a barrier to harmful substances while also being permeable enough to allow useful nutrients to pass through Villi cells absorb products of digestion of macromolecules in food Glucose, fructose, galactose, and other monosaccharides.

RNA and DNA polynucleotides are digested into smaller polynucleotides by nuclease enzymes produced in the small intestine and delivered to the small intestine Digestion of the nucleic acid is completed into nucleotides by nuclease enzymes located in the brush border of the small intestine Membrane Bound Enzymes: The contraction of circular and longitudinal muscle of the small intestine mixes the food with enzymes and moves it along the gut.

Villi absorb monomers formed by digestion as well as mineral ions and vitamins. These are always a work in progress! I have had success using these presentations to review topics after students have been exposed to the material at home.

IB Biology (2016) - 1 - Digestion & Absorption (PPT)

Processes occurring in the small intestine that result in the digestion of starch and transport of the products of digestion to the liver. Villi increase the surface area of epithelium over which absorption is carried out.Pancreatic lipase made in pancreas exocrine cells.

walls make enzyme Jejeunum. capillaries are much ultimedescente.coms fat and fatty acids A small blood vessel is smaller than a named blood vessel/ultimedescente.com 8 ft of SI still chemical digestion but also absorbtion of nutrients Ileum – last 12 feet still absorbing nutrients and beginning to absorb water.

A class website which includes resources for the new IB Biology HL guide. IB Bio HL resources include unit plans, lessons, labs, reviews and assessments.

Kenny's IB Biology HL Sunday, October 29, End of October/all of November (revised on 11/20) Wed 11/ Short evolution test. Go over parts of the digestive system.

1 Digestion and Absorption

Read Fri 11/ Parts of the digestive system and what happens to food as it goes through the system. Check off digestion coloring.

This powerpoint presentation covers 'Topic - Digestion & Absorption' in the NEW IB Biology curriculum. Each slide includes the specific learning objective as well as key vocabulary that students should note. Note that there are all three papers for standard and higher level included.

If you have tried some questions and want the mark scheme, please ask me! IB Past papers. SPRING BREAK PARTY ASSIGNMENT: 1. Choose one of the practice tests below. TIME YOURSELF, make this as authentic of an experience as possible. 2.

Ib biology hl2 6 1 digestion
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