Professional athletes deserves the pay that they get

An eight-year pro, he said he wrote some checks to pay taxes for little more than the cost of a stamp. The supply of athletes is very rare.

Most jobs yield results that are limited in effect, but athletes can affect billions of people by their performance Another point is that these athletes are not directly replaceable. These are only a pair of examples that show the impact that athletic virtue creates.

More money, more amenities, we all want more of everything. But the pay stub gave everyone a look into just how much he makes every two weeks — and how much professional athletes pay in taxes around the country. Sporting franchises often sign huge television and radio deals with major sports broadcasting companies that bring in a lot of revenue to the sports teams.

Why Professional Athletes Deserve Their Pay (and other don’t)

Read Article Everybody pays taxes. While the state has had a jock tax in its tax code sinceaccording to Dennis Doiron of the Maine Department of Revenue, it does not differentiate between visiting athletes and other non-resident workers. The state has a department that specifically handles the taxation of professional athletes, called the Sports Division.

For contracts signed under the previous CBA the standard is 12 paychecks paid over six months, with teams and players also able to negotiate a schedule of 24 paychecks paid over 12 months.

When children enter school classrooms, everyone desires that the teachers who lead those classrooms are skilled in giving the priceless gift of literacy and an unfolding awe of the world with kindness and discipline. Furthermore, how can we come up with better, more efficient ways to allocate talent?

Pro athletes pay a big price for their success – in taxes

Another factor to consider is the risk of injury. According to USA Today, player paychecks are distributed weekly during the season: They are tired of hearing about their excessive lifestyles while they are struggling to make ends meet. Athletes endure huge sacrifices and take a lot of risks as well: The enemy is gluttony, apathy, bitterness, and inaction.

Kidder, who represented two former NFL players Hunter Hillenmeyer and Jeff Saturday in their suits against Cleveland, said if the players are going to be taxed, they want to be taxed fairly and equally. His faith and perseverance has given him seven Tour de France titles to date and has added to the list of his accomplishments that he is fighting a vicious disease that inflicts massive and tremendous suffering on the human race without bitterness or regret.

That is why they earn millions. Work experience in a related occupation Work experience that is commonly considered necessary by employers, or is a commonly accepted substitute for more formal types of training or education.

Firemen and policemen are exposed to a huge number of risks each time they go out on call, while paramedics help save lives. Deserving a higher pay? Projected Growth Rate The projected percent change in employment from to They often tend to put in hours of hard work and sacrifice each day, something that ordinary people might not do on a daily basis.

The average American will never see in that kind of money in their lifetime and with the recent economic recession, they are not too excited about the salaries of athletes. But because they have risen. Players are paid their season salary in 17 installments during the regular season.

Teachers are available in abundance; this is one of the main reasons why they get paid a lesser salary compared to a professional athlete. An athlete could suffer a career ending injury which could force them out of the game for good.

They do not sit on sidelines. Employment Change, projected The projected numeric change in employment from to Thus, they are living under the pressure from every walk of the society.Dec 10,  · Do Athletes Deserve The Salaries They Make?

Alex Rodriguez: Much of this money is again used to pay salaries, so indirectly we pay athletes salaries too. Personally, I feel an athlete is entitled to earn as much they can provided they earn it legally. [10][11][12] This is why they were professional athletes and I will never.

Professional Athletes Deserve Their Pay! I have made my arguments as to why I believe that professional athletes deserve what they are paid.

Professional athletes will continue to get the paid their high salaries as long as the fans keep coming to the games or watching sports at home. How do pro athletes get paid? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. John Frogson, studied at Wolsey Hall Oxford () Updated May 29, Pro athletes get paid in a few ways; They would firstly get paid for doing the sport, if they are under someone like footballers or cricketers they’d get paid by their Teams or if they are solo athletes.

Do Top Athlete's Deserve Millions? Yes, They Deserve Every Dollar I think of the societal trend of criticizing the enormous salaries of professional American sports figures. Do Top Athlete. They are the ones who pay 50 dollars for a ticket, dollars for a jacket and 20 dollars for a hat ("Professional AthletesÉ").

If the public didn't help by buying these items, the money to pay these athletes the huge amounts wouldn't be there. NFL Player: Student-Athletes Deserve To Get Paid.

on scholarship pay to play. there was no food in the fridge and if they didn't figure a way to get food, they would have to do something.

Professional athletes deserves the pay that they get
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