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It is very important to find the medication that controls symptoms without causing side effects. Antipsychotic medicines are used to helps control the biochemical imbalances that cause schizophrenia and they are the main medicines that are used to treat schizophrenia.

It is a disease that makes it difficult for a person to tell the difference Schizophrenia essay example real and unreal experiences, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses to other, and to behave normally in social situations.

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The majority of the population have no risk for schizophrenia, as the more protective factors people have, the less likely their chance of developing the disorder Lee Fontaine, K. Graham, C and Herrman, H. Undifferentiated Subtype; this is when the patient experience the positive and negative symptoms of all the above but is not enough to be defined as another type of schizophrenia Goldberg J Delusions are weird beliefs which are not based on reality, worse still; a person refuses to give up the beliefs even when they are presented with realistic information.

They normally become unresponsive and immobile due to their unwillingness to move resulting to increased risks of exhaustion, malnutrition and even self inflicted injuries. Others move around constantly. Hallucination involves perception of feelings that are not real. Symptoms and Treatment, Accessed on 11th MayAvailable at, www.

Even the experts are not sure exactly what causes it.

Schizophrenia Disorder Essay Sample

Schizophrenia Bulletin, 38 5pp. Also the multi-disciplinary team should have an updated record on how the person is getting on and how the patient have improved.

Some people profer to get injections every month of long-lasting medication. The symptoms also tend to worsen and improve. Front pharmacol, 4 Counseling and rehabilitation can help people with schizophrenia build the skills they need to function outside the sheltered setting of a hospital.

This includes; heredity or genetics, abnormality in brain, environment, brain chemistry. Catatonic Subtype; this is a very rare subtype which includes extremes of behaviour and causes the patient to not have the ability to speak, move or respond.

The aim of hospitalization is to prevent them from hurting or injuring themselves and gain stability as they take medication. Taking medications regularly is the best way to prevent repeated illness and hospitalization.

One possible cause of schizophrenia may be heredity, or genetics. However Schizophrenia essay example saw side effects as significantly less bothersome than symptoms when considering costs to society. At first, the symptoms may not be noticed or may be confused with those of other conditions.

Around one in two individuals with schizophrenia have a history of drug abuse or addiction. Very rarely, the symptoms of schizophrenia can appear before the age of The person behaviors and attitude is also used as part of the diagnostic report. Schizophrenia, Accessed on 11th MayAvailable at, www.

It is very important for the multi-disciplinary team to work together in order to make decisions about the level of care that the person with schizophrenia would need.

As people with schizophrenia have difficulties with concentration, attention and motivation Jones, C. Hospitalization Hospitalization is preferred when dealing with patients who exhibit severe symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Some medications need to be taken two, three, or even four times a day. Although antipsychotic medications do not cure the disease, they can reduce hallucinations and delusions and help people with schizophrenia regain their grip on reality.

Heredity There is a high possibility of children developing schizophrenia passed from parents as the illness tends to run in a family. What causes catatonic Schizophrenia?.

However there are many common negative effects from the antipsychotic medications including: Schizophrenia is the cause of more hospitalizations than almost any other illness. Unfortunately, side effects appear before the benefits of antidepressant medications take effects Tung, A and Procyshyn, M.

Dropping out of school or doing badly at work are other early signs of schizophrenia. The aim of this therapy is to help people identify what is causing the person to have unwanted feelings and behaviour and replaces this thinking with realistic thoughts. The operation is considered hazardous due to the serious damage it can cause to a person.

As the brain is still developing in the teenage years and using any substance that affects the developing process can cause long term psychological effects West London Mental Health NHS Neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that carry messages between the brain cells and are known to relieve some of the symptoms of schizophrenia.This sample Schizophrenia Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Schizophrenia Disorder Essay Sample Introduction Schizophrenia is a severe, chronic brain disorder that alter the way a person acts, thinks, perceives reality, express emotions and relates to other people.

Good Essay Topics on Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a progressive mental illness characterized by a loss of unity of mental functions, impoverishment of the emotional sphere, a violation of thinking and a growing weakening of mental activity. ?This essay focuses on the diagnosis of schizophrenia, a major mental illness with much stigma and misinformation associated with it.

World Health Organisation (WHO, ) epidemiological evidence suggests that schizophrenia is a mental illness affecting 24 million people worldwide. Free Schizophrenia papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned over essays for "Schizophrenia" 1 2 3 What is reality. To many, reality is the ability to validate a sensory experience with another sensory experience, for example, when one is able to touch what he sees, then that something is real. Yet, our.

Schizophrenia essay example
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