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As a result, unemployment had been abolished. Stalin established and consolidated his power through propaganda, thus gaining the love, respect and trust of the majority of the Russian people. No dictator can hope to rule without Stalin in power essay support, and this was also true of Stalin.

Stalin also made alliances with the other contenders, Kamenev and Zinoviev, to get rid of Trotsky. Throughout the s about one million old Bolshevik party members those who had taken part in the pre-Stalin revolutionary era and countless millions of citizens were accused of sabotage, treason, and espionage and were arrested, tortured, and either executed or sent to the gulags.

Factors working against him- 1 He was arrogant and he treated other leading Bolsheviks with lack of respect. More essays like this: He was made chairman of the Cominterm. This system gave Stalin effective control over the entire economy, and thereby the Soviet people. He leaded Russia into gaining more victories for the country by becoming more involved in worldwide affairs.

Soviet Union To what extent did Stalin rise to power because of his cunning personality? Heavy industry was essential for defense and for supplying agricultural tractors and combines. Struggle over power, rather than struggle for power Each of the contenders were anxious to prevent their rivals from coming into power and pursuing policies with which they did not agree, doing so by building up a strong power base.

Before WW2, both the axis powers and the democracies realized that the balance of power in Europe depended of which side Russia joined. As heavy industry developed, agriculture was to be collectivized.

Stalin also gave people the impression that he was close to Lenin by appointing himself as the chief mourner at the funeral.

Stalin Rise to Power

On the collective farms, peasants would be paid wages in return for handing over the produce to the government. He had already established himself as a contender, one of the most dangerous ones as well as most likely to succeed, in the power struggle.

When Russian Marxism split into two factions—the radical Bolsheviks and the more moderate Menshiviks—Stalin sided with the Bolsheviks, thus aligning himself with Lenin and other major party leaders.

Essay: Joseph Stalin

He was a good orator but not an intellectual. All the party members had only accepted the NEP as a temporary system but the debate was when and how it should be ended. Some peasants and many kulaks resisted collectivization. This was an important position allowing him to build a strong power base.

They feared a dictator could emerge to take control of the centralized state which had developed by He was not politically cunning as was Stalin.

In this he succeeded—initiating the machinery that would eventually make the Soviet Union a superpower nation—in large part because of the slave labor provided by the millions of Soviet citizens imprisoned in the gulags. He was respected, but he did not engender affection or personal loyalty.

A year later he was arrested and sent to a prison in Siberia, from which he escaped inreturning to the underground Marxist movement in Tiflis. Stalin consolidated his power base with the Great Purges against his political and ideological opponents. He did, however, transform Soviet communism, in his writings and his practices, from a revolutionary system to a strategy of conservative, isolationist authoritarianism.

Stalin Power Essay

Like all the other contenders, he too underestimated Stalin, and therefore was easily outsmarted by him, since he was perceived as dull and mediocre, therefore no one saw him as a great threat until it was too late, when he was determined to protect his power base, and make sure he was not ousted.

By neutralizing anyone he considered or suspected of being an enemy, Stalin opened an avenue to total control of both his party and his people, whether they were followers or not. By using his rivals against each other, Stalin was able to rise to power without worrying about threats to his rule.

The peasants who worked on these farms were under the control of the Party, which in turn was under the control of Stalin. Trotsky was also confident that he was chosen to replace Lenin and did not bother to build up a stronger support base like Stalin.

Many people disappeared including teachers, miners, doctors, and ordinary people. There would be no more individual farms, and no more individual farmers selling their goods independently.Essays and criticism on Joseph Stalin - Critical Essays.

Feb 03,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | Comrade General Secretary Joseph Stalin’s rise to power in the former Soviet Union was born in the midst of the Russian. Polina Nozdrina 7/11/12 Mr. Neate Essay The Rise of Stalin After Lenin’s death, there was a dispute over the succession between Bukharin, Trotsky, Kamenev and Stalin.

Trotsky could end the dispute and took power as the head of the Bolsheviks with Lenin's Testament, which criticized the oppositions.

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Under Stalin’s power, the Soviet Union became more involved in international affairs. During the WW1, Russia did not play a major role in the Great War. Joseph Stalin was born on December 6, In Juneat the end of the school he was awarded as the best student, and at advice of teachers in September he entered the Tiflis Orthodox Theological Seminary.

While studying at the seminary, he read a lot, regularly visited the library.

Stalin's Rise To Power

To what extent did Stalin rise to power because of his cunning personality? Explain your answer. [12m] Stalin rose in power because of his cunning and manipulative personality.

Stalin’s Rise to Power (Paper 3) Essay

He used propaganda to manipulate the images he created for himself and Trotsky as he wanted to get more popularity and support from the people because he [ ].

Stalin in power essay
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