The sport of falconry in the uae

Camel racing[ edit ] Thoroughbred Racing Camels are first put through their paces when they are about two years old.

Light strong tethers are fitted to its ankles. Competition is intense and great attention is paid to the preparation of the boats and their massive rigs.

In the old times falconry started as a source for food, to hunt hares and houbara mostly. Compared to an ordinary, run-of-the-desert camel, a racing camel looks like an enormous over-tall greyhound.

Traditionally, a racing camel was fed on dates, honey, alfalfa, milk and seeds. Rapid urbanization in the UAE over the last few years has adversely affected the natural habitat of the falcons.

In addition to that it was considered a way of life for leaders of the tribe and the rest of the tribe, it was done in the broad of day light and then later on it was the topic around the evening get-togethers. The treasured sport of Falconry in the United Arab Emirates Falconry today has become more of a national sport and a rite of passage for many young Emirati men, who take their time to train their Falcons.

In accordance with the traditional nature of the event, the race was preceded by the national anthem followed by folk dance and songs presented by local heritage troupes. To help build their stamina, the camels are made to run certain distances every day, which varies in proportion to their age.

There are a lot of private clubs and hotels hosting their own tennis courts.

Falconry, the

He embodied the values of falconry, and practise the sport often. In order to have a falcon population, only the birds which are free of infections are selected and released into the wild. To protect this traditional sport and also to make sure that falcons were treated properly, a number of laws were laid down in sake of preserving this goal.

Their eyes are kept covered as a part of the taming process and then they are uncovered through gradual exposure to the images and environment surrounding them.

A few might think that falconry is easy as it sounds, actually it is not. Training Training involves teaching the falcon to swoop down and attack a feathered training decoy that is tied to a string and controlled by the trainer.

Probably it is the most popular sport that is played by natives of UAE. The swivel and cords provide flexibility of movement for the falcon, while restraining it from flying. Motor Sports UAE is also famous for motor sports.

Falconry, or the upkeep of falcons is a traditional and highly valued custom in the UAE, reflecting the Bedouin love of this sport. He launched many initiatives to promote the sport, including a falcon release programme and the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, which has become the largest falcon hospital in the world.

Rugby Rugby is also popular sport in UAE. The falcon is held by a pair of jesses, usually braided cotton or nylon Al Sabbuq attached to a swiveled leash to allow the bird a certain freedom of movement.

Training falcons requires both courage and patience and it is an operation that is carried out by the "Saqqar" or the trainer. In the Gold Cup that was recently run at NAD al-Shiba, the winning camel covered the 10 kilometers in 17 minutes and seven seconds 6. Safari Falconry in U. The birds are fitted with small mobile transmitters in order to monitor their movements.

It requires a deal of patience, skill and courage to tame, capture and train a falcon. Gallery Did You Know? Despite its relatively short existence, it has devolved its own unique traditions and costumes that are distinguished from the nearby countries."Although falconry originated in Central Asia, the traditional sport spread to Persia and the Arabian Peninsula more than 2, years ago, eventually making its.

Falconry, or the upkeep of falcons is a traditional and highly valued custom in the UAE, reflecting the Bedouin love of this sport.

The falcon itself, known as the "Saqr" is a bird that is much admired by Arabs because of its fascinating beauty, posture, sharp eyesight and grandeur. The sport of falconry has historically been associated with nobility as falcons symbolize keen vision, boldness, and swiftness.

So legendary is the falcon’s ability to hunt that Sun-Tzu even used the falcon as a metaphor in his classic book The Art of War. Feb 01,  · Falconry, the sport of hunting with falcons, dates back thousands of centuries and has become such a significant part of the region's culture.

See traditional falconry in Dubai. Witness these majestic birds soar through Dubai skies and swoop down at tremendous speed to catch game in what is one of the most exciting sports of the region. Interwoven in Dubai’s cultural fabric, falconry has always been a vital part of desert life, from being used in hunting to evolving into a regal sport.

No wonder hundreds of enthusiasts compete in the Fazza Championship. The sport of falconry is celebrated across the UAE, with falconry demonstrations having a major role in UAE National Day celebrations and other holidays and heritage events.

The Sport of Falconry

Falconry also is reflected in literature and music, with the sport and the bird celebrated in poetry, song and stories.

The sport of falconry in the uae
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