The syrian civil war analysis

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Syria was often divided or subsumed by its neighbors, too weak, internally fragmented and geographically vulnerable to stand its The syrian civil war analysis ground. And just as the defeat of the Soviets by the Afghan mujaheddin spawned a generation of Sunni jihadis in search of additional victories, the victories of the Shia jihadists of the "Axis of Resistance" in LebanonIraqand Syria present may lead Hezbollah and Iran—intent on transforming Syria into a platform for projecting power in the Levant, and for continuing the struggle against Israel—to overreach in their interactions with Israel or the United States.

In July of the same year defectors from the military formed the Free Syrian Army, an anti-government rebel group. The rich, fertile lands straddling Asia Minor and Europe around the Sea of Marmara to the north, the Nile River Valley to the south and the land nestled between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers to the east give rise to larger and more cohesive populations.

Severe drought plagued Syria fromcausing as many as 1. The opposition has therefore struggled to generate a country-wide organised structure that would enjoy local and international legitimacy Although the protests that started in were, for the most part, non-sectarian, clear sectarian and ethnic divisions emerged as a result of armed conflict One such approach is to map out a conflict and current responses to it and to analyse future policy options 1.

The typically cult-like minorities forged fickle alliances and were always on the lookout for a more distant sea power they could align with to balance against the dominant Sunni forces of the hinterland.

Indeed in most places, they may no longer be capable of sustained resistance. The mandate of the OPCW-UN joint investigative mechanism, which determines actors responsible for chemical attacks in Syria, expired on 17 November after several attempts to extend it were all vetoed by Russia in the UN Security Council In Julydefectors from the military announced the formation of the Free Syrian Army, a rebel group aiming to overthrow the government, and Syria began to slide into civil war.

Fighters on the ground will regularly manipulate appeals for cease-fires spearheaded by largely disinterested outsiders, all while the war spreads deeper into Lebanon. A significant portion of the civilians killed in Syria have been children The level of government oppression, the economic and political exclusion of groups, and the prevailing culture of structural violence all fed into an atmosphere of resentment It experienced a protracted antiregime insurrection by the Muslim Brotherhood fromso it is now enduring its second civil war.

In addition to reducing human suffering and impacting the refugee crisis, this would go some way toward reducing the appeal of extremist groups, and starting to build trust in the potential for a peaceful resolution Over time, a series of Sunni dynasties emanating from Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley and Asia Minor made Syria the Sunni-majority region that it is today.

A mosaic of clan loyalties and the imperative to keep Damascus linked to its coastline and economic heartland — no matter what type of regime is in power in Syria — will hold this seething borderland together, however tenuously.

This is partly due to sectarian and extreme ideologies of some opposition groups 5. According to a UN commission of inquiry on Syria, there is evidence that the Syrian government has repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians in rebel-held areas This time around, the current is flowing in reverse, with the civil war in Syria now flooding Lebanon.Foreign backing and open intervention have played a large role in Syria's civil war.

Russia entered the conflict in and has been the Assad government's main ally since then. The Syrian civil war also commonly known as the Syrian uprising is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian Baath Party government and those seeking to oust it.

The conflict began on 15 Marchwith popular demonstrations that grew nationwide by April The Syrian regime’s impending assault on Idlib, the last rebel-held enclave in Syria, could be among the bloodiest battles in Syria’s civil war with significant humanitarian and geopolitical consequences.

war of attrition. For the time being, no Western military intervention is in the offing, due to the divisions in the UN and the high risks of such a mission.

However, the Syrian conflict is increasingly developing into a regional proxy war, the outcome of which will have far-reaching consequences for the balance of. With the war in Syria showing no signs of abating, we republish our Jan.

21,weekly explaining the complex geopolitics of the conflict. International diplomats will gather Jan.

Syria's civil war explained from the beginning

22 in the Swiss town of Montreux to hammer out a settlement designed to end Syria's three-year civil war. Syria's civil war could evolve into a wider regional war. The future of Syria is bleak, and the consequences of its civil war will linger for decades For the foreseeable future, no government will be able to rule all of what was the modern state of Syria.

The syrian civil war analysis
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