Tui case study

Having just signed on to become the official beer sponsor of New Zealand Cricket, TUI needed to leverage the value of the investment through PR and drive brand recognition and also generate widespread crowd participation throughout the entirety of the cricket match and right across the 12 match series.

Agents, team leaders and management all have access to real time information to enable them to take immediate corrective action. Mike Harland Sparkphd Marketing Director: This is a great form of self-development for them and one of the bonuses of having real-time feedback at our fingertips.

One of the issues that was highlighted through the verbatim comments left through Bright Navigator was repeated feedback from customers that there was a language barrier.

The customer feedback process was very labour intensive and a lack of real time data was affecting their ability to resolve customer issues and improve customer satisfaction.

An extensive pre-seeding phase was conducted through one to ones with key journalists, sports commentators and influencers to create knowledge and excitement, with particular focus on SkySports.

The Solution Changing their Voice of Customer solution to Bright Navigator fundamentally changed the way they survey customers.

This would completely change how they deal with customers, with tier one being high volume simple queries, and tier two being low volume complex queries.

TUI Netherlands

With their innovative systems, transparent reporting and real-time data, it was clear that they would be the best fit for our business — and we were confident they could deliver on their promises, too, since they had the data to back up their claims.

They created relevant monthly reports for us at the start whilst our team was getting up to speed. TUI orange T-shirts were delivered to key sporting media and influencers, made available in-store with purchase, sold on premises, at matches and on the TUI website www.

The commercial finance reporting is second to none, and the monthly management report allows us to drill down into the data, and use it to make business decisions which improve the appearance and compliance of our retail stores.

This required the development of pen personas and prospect mapping profiles to support each ABTA agent in aligning their promotional signage and holiday offers to match the people living and working in the local community.

Media mapped out the best spots to catch. TUI is now surveying customers every two hours. Global media coverage delivered impressions. This drove even greater media interest around the final match. At the end of the two weeks, results would go back to the CRM team who would have to manually manipulate and cleanse the data to put it into a useable format to send over to the Contact Centre Solutions team to analyse.

Action S2 provided this customer insight by combining TUI Retail data, such as holiday destination, type, spend etc. National breakfast programme interviewed winners.

Case Study: TUI

Benefit Within a year, TUI saw significant improvements in average job value and task volume, and material savings from more effective task scheduling. As a company we employ a high level of due diligence with regards to financial spend. There was real collaboration between us, as opposed to just a supplier transactional relationship.

Nic Turner Apollonation Creative Director: For example, displaying holidays that are the closest match to the people passing, or luxury cruises in high affluence areas with a significant percentage of the population matching the relevant Mosaic profile.

This also identified areas of opportunity where shop catchment profile and current booking profile divergence occurred. Profiling destinations and products by Mosaic groups identified commonality within brands and aided the creation of look-up matrices for future promotional material.

Case Study: TUI – Improving Customer Experience During a Major Business Transition

We developed a media release and press kit which was delivered to an extensive media list on the announcement date and fed the media with stories, interviews and content throughout the duration of Tui case study to sustain interest.

As a customer, you might have to wait a month until you received any follow up. Describe the brief from the client: And if we have any queries on the results, the contact centre experts at Bright are always there to help us make sense of what we are seeing, and support us in recommending an approach to respond.

Finding the solution Customer feedback was, at the time, being fed through their central CRM function and involved a very manual process for the CRM team of extracting and cleansing the data once a month and sending out customer surveys via email for which that had two weeks to respond.

Nick Wilson Apollonation Marketing Director: The first catch - Media interest grew exponentially after the first catch. Emma Henaghan Apollonation Account Director: Transitional challenges The business had made the decision to close one of their main contact centres in Coventry, and transition it to Swansea, where they had one small contact centre.

TUI has the data to understand where to improve contact centre performance, and the contact centre is influencing process and policy improvements elsewhere in the business with evidence.TUI Nordic has employees who serve over 1, Nordic customers.

TUI Nordic is part of the world's largest travel group, TUI Group. TUI Group is the world's number one integrated tourism business operating in destinations with employees in over countries.

TUI TravelCenter CASE STUDY. TUI TravelCenter, part of the most important Romanian Tourism Group, Eurolines Romania, franchise of TUI Austria Holding GmbH.

The company offers travel services ranging from complete holiday packages - to individual selections such. Case Study: ACCL takes off with TUI Group is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world. Previously known as Thomson Holidays in the UK, TUI UK & Ireland serves 6 million holidaymakers and employs 12, people from travel agents to.

TUI Case Study.

Tui Case study TUI CATCH A MILLION by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand

Home Page Business Ethics of Tour Operators- The Case Study of TUI STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: According to the case study of University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences in Serbia, the university seeks to examine under what ethical standards TUI operates in Serbia in the cooperation of different stakeholders.

Business ethics are. About TUI Netherlands. TUI Netherlands is the local Dutch tour operator brand and is a part of the TUI Group, the world’s number one tourism business—with 1, travel agencies and leading online portals, six airlines with more than aircrafts, over hotels, and 13 cruise liners.

The Case study titled TUI CATCH A MILLION was done by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand advertising agency for Tui in New Zealand.

It was released in Nov

Tui case study
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