Voting should be an obligation not

Veterans fought and troops now are fighting to keep Americans free, not to keep them tied down with endless obligations. It might mean that complaining is a privilege granted only to active members of the political community, and you earn membership by the act of voting.

Has he or she sinned?

Debate: Compulsory voting

Compulsory voting can be seen as infringing a basic freedom of the citizen. The judge cautions them to not allow personal feelings to influence their decision, but only to come to what they believe is the right and just result by deliberating over Voting should be an obligation not they have learned in court, no matter how long it takes.

One of the great Christian leaders of the nineteenth century was David Lipscomb. To discriminate because of ethnicity, either for Voting should be an obligation not against, reflects a superficial mentality.

What advantage is there in badgering people with no interest in candidates or elections to vote anyway? As Harvard economist Greg Mankiw points outeven reliable voters who never miss an election will often skip down-ballot races about which they have little or no information.

It certainly is a value to the person who wants to vote, but from the point of view of the country, although the extra vote may direct the result one way or the other, the vote in itself, is meaningless.

They cited research that analyzed more than 56, congressional and state legislative elections dating back to Many citizens feel, for the sake of their country, an obligation to pay taxes or to volunteer for military service in times of war, but is the obligation to vote really similar?

Lipscomb wrote a book titled Civil Government. Once I turned old enough to vote I became an Election Day regular. It makes you feel big and strong.

It only took one rogue swing-vote in Roe v. How can I, voting for what I myself want, be in any way performing a service for some else?

My mother cast her ballot later that day for Richard M. One aspect of living in a free country is that, unlike totalitarian states, we have the unfettered right to claim a passport and to travel.

It was Election Day, The character of the person is important. Attending a polling booth on election day is the mildest possible responsibility. Also, must one choose your mode of operation as the exclusive avenue of exerting his influence? By this logic, the Koch brothers have more right to complain than almost anybody—while a non-voting waitress who gets laid off because of a recent hike in the minimum wage has none.

But this would be more than balanced by the revitalization of the rapidly vanishing center in American politics. A right is something you are privileged to be granted; while an obligation is something you are required to do, generally because of a situation you have volitionally placed yourself in.

He contended that since the Bible teaches that God rules in the kingdoms of men, and puts into office those he chooses Daniel 2: Rather democracy exists purely for the sake of giving the people what they want.

You have a right to go to synagogue, and a right not to; you have a right to chant pro-Trump slogans at a Trump rally, and a right not to. People thinking they have the solution may not guarantee the correct answer, but they will certainly provide a better result than those who have spent next to no time considering the issues.

For example, the right to free speech carries with it the obligation to exercise it responsibly. Even though history has proven that democratic governments provide the people with more benefits than autocratic ones, this is still beside the point, as it is not good government that justifies democracy anyway.If voting and registration rules were made easier, should voting in national elections be universal and mandatory for all eligible citizens?

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Voting is a right, but it’s not a duty

In much the same way, you have the right to worship freely, the right to express your views, the right to run for public office — but no obligation to do any of them.

Helium: "A case against compulsory voting can be founded on the fact that voting is a right, but not strictly an obligation. True, most rights have inherent obligations. True, most rights have inherent obligations. No voting should not be compulsory.

It is an individual's choice whether they wish to vote or not vote in an election of any kind. Maybe they don't like the candidates. Are not rights and obligations almost opposites? A right is something you are privileged to be granted; while an obligation is something you are required to do, generally because of a situation you have volitionally placed yourself in.

If one chooses to vote or to speak out regarding candidates (even if deciding not to vote), there are principles that should guide the Christian’s thinking. One’s political preference should not be grounded in superficial bases, e.g.


Voting should be an obligation not
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