We need to raise awareness about diabetes

It states specifically that they should be "positive, respectful, inclusive, person-centered and strengths-based" and work toward a "collaborative approach" that recognizes people with diabetes as the primary member of their own care team! A most excellent reading!

It is best to consume a diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Follow the news Perhaps most importantly of all: Sing a song This requires a bit more effort, but viral music videos have seen diabetes receive a lot of mainstream attention.

Three weeks later, an Irish cinema apologised to a nine-year-old boy with type 1 after they prevented him from bringing in his own water to a film screening. You can try brisk walking, biking or swimming. Still, I am touched at the wonderful response I received and I hope you will take the time to check out each and every one of their recipes.

While their respectively efforts varied in quality, both videos stressed points about diabetes that will have We need to raise awareness about diabetes reached an audience not generally well-versed on the condition.

American Diabetes Month

Got anything else to share relating to Diabetes Awareness Month? How can this be happening in a country as wealthy and sophisticated as ours?!

7 things that everyone can do to raise diabetes awareness

And I daresay I am in good company. So even those of us who, to all outward appearances, are managing well enough now, the future of our disease is uncertain. Families should check with their healthcare professionals regarding the treatment of type 1 diabetes and the frequency of blood glucose monitoring.

Remember that you should get your blood sugar checked at least once a year in order to check if you have developed type-2 diabetes. Props to the people involved in making this happen.

Dress your family in blue and go blue at home by putting a blue bulb in your porch light or lighting a blue candle. The Bloggers and Their Recipes: Seriously, while opinions also vary on exact terminology, we certainly agree that WordsMatter and would love to see this push for positive language go beyond the medical sphere to the public.

Bring Diabetes to Light Throughout the month of November, famous monuments and buildings across the United States including the Empire State Building will be lit in blue to help spread diabetes awareness. Ready to get involved? These are just two very recent examples. Tag your message with T1Day to connect with others in the diabetes community.

It aims to inform the general public how healthy lifestyle changes can lower risk of type-2 diabetes for those who are at high risk. Studies indicate that one in 11 Americans have diabetes which is more than 29 million people. And really, who can blame them? In this same spirit, why not approach your mayor or local government representative to offer an official message of support for World Diabetes Day or Diabetes Awareness Month on behalf of your community?

If you are unused to healthy habits, it can be incredibly difficult to find a way to manage your blood glucose levels.

To show support for diabetes awareness, the International Diabetes Federation developed a fun smartphone photo app that lets you add blue circles to your selfies and group photos. To us, this was hardly a blip on our radar in the grand scheme of all the advocacy efforts and outrages in the world right now.

For those who already have diabetes, managing it is crucial in order to prevent serious complications. Yum Raise your hand if you knew that today is World Diabetes Day.

In return, I would link to all of them and post their recipes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest throughout the rest of the month. This is a great activity to take part in as a family. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising & Local Events

What have you done recently to raise awareness for diabetes? Xfinity is a registered trademark of Comcast Corporation. And as always around this time of year, many in our community ponder the perennial question:The longer people live with type 2 diabetes, the higher their risk for developing CVD and other comorbid conditions.

Eckel discussed the need for greater understanding about the interconnectedness of these conditions. “We need more knowledge out there,” he said. The phrase “diabetes awareness” often crops up when we hear stories of diabetes being poorly represented or understood, and we regularly cite the need for awareness to be increased.

Last month, fitness company Crossfit tweeted an ironic slogan for Coca-Cola – “open diabetes”. Pudsey Bear proves we need to raise our diabetes awareness game!

1st November. The start of a very special month. Yes its Diabetes Awareness Children in Need Month???!!?? The first thing I would like to raise awareness about today is that in the time it takes you to watch this short film, at least 10 people will have died.

Day 1 down, 29 to. Diabetes UK Northern Ireland also offer stands manned by the charity or our voluntary groups at external events such as melas, county fairs or health promotion days. From time to time, we also feature events run by other organisations, also helping to raise awareness about diabetes.

Raising Awareness for Diabetes – and a KitchenAid Giveaway

Admittedly last year, we pquestioned the effectiveness of NDAM (shorthand for National Diabetes Awareness Month). But our country is in a different place this year, is it not? And now, we're setting skepticism aside to argue that November's designation as Diabetes Awareness Month truly does matter -- potentially more than ever right now.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, a time to shine the spotlight on diabetes and diabetes research. Ready to get involved? Here are some noteworthy events happening across the country along with suggestions for creative ways you and your family can raise .

We need to raise awareness about diabetes
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